Senyo : Yoga for Resilience

Growing Older – Living for Life

Our health is our Wealth...


Welcome to Growing older is something that we all have in common whatever age we are. It is never too late to start learning how to invest in our health and wellbeing. Through the science of yoga, we can cultivate our strength and grow in awareness while building our resilience to cope with life’s challenges. The sooner we cultivate a relationship to the bigger picture and take a long term view of our lives the better ; no matter what age we are.

If you are a yoga teacher with an interest in this topic you are welcome to contact us to have your class listings featured on this site. The aim of Senyo : Yoga for Resilience is to promote the widespread use of yoga to ensure healthy ageing and help to avoid the diseases and problems associated with growing older – many of which can be avoided.

Through careful attention to diet and a few small lifestyle changes we can commit to our well being and through committing to our own self care, create a better world for all.

If you can breathe, you can do yoga!


Don't Act Your Age!!

Guru Singh, a veteran practicioner of Kundalini yoga speaks about how we can stay young by infusing the cells of our bodies with the exhuberance and joy we once knew as children. Aim to laugh often, and keep the heart light. A it has been said, " travel light, live light and be the light" Yogi Bhajan.