A Teacher’s Story with John Maguire



My own yoga journey commenced in 1999 as a Student, not a Teacher, when I was on the brink of having to have major back surgery as a result of disc and trapped nerve problems caused by a bad fall while playing squash. The chances of a successful outcome were not good and, as a last resort, the Sports Injury Consultant recommended a three month programme of intensive traction which luckily reduced the pressure on the nerves very considerably …. and to an extent with which I could live. The Consultant recommended that I practice Pilates intensively to strengthen my abdominal muscles so as to provide a corset of protection for my lower back and spine.

I attended Pilates classes at the Westwood Gym in Leopardstown and they worked wonders in terms of me building up a strong core. At around that time, the Gym started to offer yoga classes which I attended out of curiosity and began to practice with my very first yoga teacher, the wonderful Yvonne Treacy. For a time, I continued with the Pilates but then migrated totally to yoga. While working in Smithfield, I started to attend yoga classes in the Elbow Room where I came in contact with a number of inspirational teachers such as Dave Curtis, Anthony Kearney and Tanya Fitzpatrick.

Training as a Yoga Instructor:

In 2009, I changed my work place to South Dublin and joined Yoga Dublin Studios in Ranelagh where Dave Curtis and Anthony Kearney were also teaching. In 2013, I decided to participate in a three-year Teacher Training Programme under the guidance of Dave Curtis and was delighted to become a certified teacher in 2016.

During my two decade yoga journey, I have practiced Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and more recently, Shadow Yoga. I am delighted to be still practicing, week in week out, with Yvonne, Dave and Anto.

Dr. John Maguire teaches classes in Ranelagh, Dublin on Mondays and Wednesdays.

For more information visit John’s website at http://www.gentleyoga.ie, e-mail John at  john@gentleyoga.ie or call at 087 2551723.


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