About Senyo

Yoga can bring immense benefits at any age.

The idea to create a website dedicated to the promotion and facilitation of yoga for seniors in Ireland arose in the course of an interview with a 76 year old yogi who had come to yoga late in life but whose now daily practice has allowed him to overcome many of the issues associated with ageing – such as arthritis, low mood, a sense of resignation : ‘this is it’.

What can prepare us for the challenges of growing older?
What do we need to know?
I would also like for this website to be a vehicle for further conversations and documentation of the positive benefits of yoga practice so that we can all learn new things. Perhaps there is a question that you would like to see explored? Please respond in the comments section of the blog page and future articles can endeavour to explore your concerns.

Ireland is ageing. Ageing well and relating in a positive way to the ageing process is something that is possible for all of us.

Our capacity for longevity and resilience starts in our twenties – when we can cultivate lifestyle habits that can last a lifetime. At senyo we also aim to take a sober look at how our lifestyle can ensure our continued health long into our golden years.

Abstaining or limiting use of drugs and alcohol becomes more possible as we discover the wealth of enjoyment that can be found through clear awareness and consciousness. We can begin to face the future with joy as we take each breath at a time and settle into a new sense of perception and joy in being who we are.

I hope that you can join us …